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Homework and Teachers

If your child refuses to do his homework and keeps on forgetting his books and materials at school, you should contact your child’s teacher. Communication between parents and teachers would eliminate most of the problems.

  • Contact the teacher as soon as you realize that there is a problem with your child’s learning. You might get upset if you get a low report card.

  • Discuss with the administration the homework load if you feel that your child is loaded with homework that exceeds his age limit.

  • Talk with the teachers about the weekly homework schedule. Instead of sending multiple homework in one day, better to split them throughout the week.

  • Make sure that your communication is clear and make sure that the teacher understood your worries.

  • Discuss with the teacher if your child needs extra support at home.

  • Always discuss your worries with the teachers before going to the administration.

You definitely need the best for your child and for his future, so do your best to let him succeed!

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