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Homework: A Constant Battle

Homework: a constant battle between parents and kids. It is exhausting to fight with your child every day when homework time starts. With this electronic age, it is very hard to make homework appealing for kids.

As a parent, spending time with your kids, understanding and helping them, even supporting and encouraging them to finish their homework can be done in a stress free environment. Here are some strategies that you can follow:

  • Set up a homework friendly area, quiet and well organized away from any distraction.

  • Discuss homework with your child before they start. What do they have? Which subject would they like to start with? Where do they need help? What part they did not understand? Etc.

  • Motivate your child and make sure he will complete his homework by himself. After all, your child needs to learn by himself and make his own mistakes. Homework is a great way to teach your child independent life skills.

  • Praise your child when he finishes his work. Ignore poor work and try to explain to your child calmly what he did wrong.

  • Let your child deal with the consequences of not doing his homework. The teacher reaction will change his attitude the second day for sure.

  • Set-up a role model for your child. Read a book during that time or you can do your research at the same time.

  • Be positive. Use positive words when addressing to your child. If your child is tired or exhausted, do not shout at him, let him take a break.

  • Understand your child frustration and try to comprehend his worries. Talk with his teacher if you feel he has some issues with the subject.

Too many parents see homework as their own problem. If they start showing their kids that they are capable and clever enough to finish their homework by themselves, then the kids will start to believe it, which will create a first step for a better learning environment. Support your kids and motivate them.

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