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Giving Birth By Cesarean Section

Cesarean, a word that makes us tremble whenever a doctor mentions it. Our grandmother’s experiences, the problems that occur and the lifetime scar that will never disappear affect our decision and our understanding towards it. With the evolution of medical technologies and development of new techniques, all those myths disappeared to make space to a less invasive operation for the mother and the child.

What is a Cesarean?

A cesarean is the delivery of the baby through an incision done on the lower part of the mom’s belly. It is called also c-section. Usually it is scheduled in advance. In some cases, it’s performed when unexpected complications occur.

How can I plan a C-section?

C- Section is planned in accordance with your gynecologist in the following cases:

  • You had a previous C-section with a vertical incision.

  • You had a previous uterine surgery.

  • You have a multiple pregnancy.

  • Your baby is expected to be big (macrosomia condition).

  • Abnormal position of the baby.

  • You have placenta praevia.

  • Presence of a fibroid.

  • You have an infection that you can transmit during vaginal delivery as Herpes or HIV.

When my doctor will take the decision of delivering the baby through c-section?

  • Your cervix stops its dilatation.

  • Your baby shows signs of distress.

  • You are suffering from a prolapsed umbilical cord. The cord will slip through your cervix.

  • Your baby has developmental problems such as spina bifida.

  • Your placenta starts to separate from the uterine wall.

What are the preparations for C-section?

You will be admitted to hospital in a date already fixed by your gynecologist. Your doctor would have asked you to stop taking any food and drinks one night before the operation.

The midwife will prepare you by installing an IV catheter in which she will be able to administer the medications and anesthesia. She will install also a urine catheter to drain urine and be able to observe it during the operation. The top level of your pubic will be shaved for the operation. After that, the midwife will ask you to wear a special robe. Once you are ready, you will be taken to the operating room.

How is the C-section performed?

After administering the anesthesia, the doctor will clean with an antiseptic the area of the incision. He will perform a horizontal incision on the pubic level. Once he reaches the uterus he will perform an incision through it on the lower part. At that time, the doctor will pull the baby outside your uterus and then he cuts the umbilical cord. The baby will be given to a pediatrician who will check his Apgar score.

The gynecologist will remove the placenta and check it then stitches the layers till the epidermis. The skin will be stitched by staples or stitches that dissolve by themselves. All this operation will take about 30mn.

You can perform this operation under spinal anesthesia when you will be awake during the whole procedure, but the doctor will isolate your sight with a sheet hanged between you and the incision area. After the delivery of the baby you can hold him directly in your arms as during a normal delivery. Your partner may be present next to you during the whole procedure.

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