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Flower Activities to Do with Your Children

Knowing that during spring days the best activity to do with your children is picking flowers, sometimes you love so much the bouquet that your children gave you, that you don’t want to let it go. And actually, you don’t really have to let it go! One more fun activity to do with flowers is drying them! Your children will have lots of fun with it and will proudly display their finished project.

Flowers picked, let the work begin!

Spread newspaper over your work area and help your children to separate and sort the flowers into bunches. Make sure that the flowers you picked don’t have thorns so that your children don’t get harmed.

After sorting the flowers, tie a string around the stems of each bouquet, tight enough to hold the bunch together, then use the ends of the strings to hang the bouquets, blossom side down, in a warm, dry place. A closet might be a perfect place, but make sure it won’t be disturbed too much. And now, some patience! You will need to leave the flowers around 4 weeks to let them dry.

After the flowers have dried, untie the bouquets and let your children arrange them the way they want. For example, they can display them in a beautiful vase in the living room or just remove the petals of the flowers and use them as a centre table decoration or put them in a jar to display on the dining table!

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