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Floral Baby Name

Floral baby names or names taken from flowers, have been around for hundreds of years, and appear in many cultures and languages. And today, baby names derived from plants and flowers are becoming increasingly popular. After all, what could be better than naming the flowers of your life with some floral names! Here is a list to choose from:

Floral Baby Names for Girls:

  • Flor: which means “flower” in Spanish.

  • Acacia: the name of a yellow flower related to mimosa.

  • Alyssa: the name of a bright yellow flower “Alyssum”.

  • Camellia: a beautiful flower found in many colors like white, pink, purple, red…

  • Crisanta: a golden flower.

  • Dahlia: a beautiful flower found in many colors like yellow, white, red, orange…

  • Daisy: a white flower which meaning is “day’s eye” because its petals are open during the day and closed at night.

  • Lilly: a fragrant flower that symbolizes innocence and purity.

  • Poppy: a red flower that represents beauty and eternal life.

  • Jasmine: a Persian name from the fragrant white flower; it was made popular by Princess Jasmine from the film Aladdin.

Floral Baby Names for Boys:

  • Aciano: a blue bottle flower.

  • Crisanto: a golden flower.

  • Fiorello: which means “little flower”.

  • Jacinto: masculine form of the Greek flower name “Hyacinth”.

  • Florent: which means “flower”.

  • Nalin: a beautiful flower that flourishes in muddy waters.

  • Gestian: a flower that was named after an ancient king of Croatia.

  • Basil: the name of a plant which means in Latin “kingly”.

  • Indigo: a blue-purple beautiful flower.

  • Wistar: the flower “wisteria” was named after him.

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