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Dice Game

To keep your children busy on a rainy day and make them have fun, you can amuse them with this dice game that is both fun and educational.

Dice games are one of the oldest games; there are records that show that they were played over 5000 years ago!

This is easy to play the game for children who are 5 years old and more. They will need 2 dice and if they are older they can play with up to 7 dice. Moreover, each player will need paper and a pencil for scoring.

Each player rolls the dice and has to put them in order to make the highest number possible. For example, if he gets 2 and 6, his answer should be 62. Using 3 dice, if he gets for example 4, 2 and 5, his answer should be 542. At every round, each child writes down his answer on the paper and the one who gets the highest number wins!

Playing this game, children will improve their number skills while having so much fun!

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