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Choose the Best Stroller

A stroller is one of the most important purchases you’ll make for your baby; this is why you should choose the right stroller that will suit you and your baby!

It’s overwhelming to look at this huge variety of strollers; and knowing that the “perfect” stroller doesn’t exist, you simply need to find the one that’s best for your lifestyle.

There are basically 9 types of baby strollers; it is recommended to know the features of all of them before choosing one!

The pram or carriage stroller: this is the traditional model of strollers that suits mostly newborns; a solid backward-facing bassinet on a frame with four large wheels is the best choice for your baby up to 3 months of age.

The standard stroller: a durable stroller with a sturdy frame and a fully reclining seat that makes it suitable for your child’s infancy and throughout his/her toddlerhood.

The umbrella stroller: a stroller with curved handles that can be folded easily and compactly just like an umbrella. Easy to store, small, and not expensive, the umbrella stroller is the most basic stroller available.

The travelling system stroller: the most practical option for parents who travel a lot with their baby. This stroller includes a compatible infant car seat and a toddler stroller in one system. The car seat is crucial for car travel and the fact that it snaps into the toddler stroller base makes travelling with a sleeping newborn easier.

The multi-function stroller: it’s a stroller frame that can be a bassinet, an infant car seat, or a regular child seat, depending on your needs.

The universal car seat carrier: this stroller is a practical one; it consists of foldable lightweight frames on wheels where you can snap most brands of infant car seats.

The jogging stroller: this stroller is for parents who jog or run; its lightweight frame and air-filled tires provide your child with rides on any surface you choose for your run. And its emergency wrist strap ensures your child’s safety!

The bike trailer stroller: it’s the perfect option for parents who want to take their children along while they’re bicycling. This stroller is way safer than child’s bicycle seats, since the child is completely covered when riding in a bike trailer.

The double stroller: for twins or children who are almost the same age, this stroller is the best! Nowadays there are even ones for triplets and quadruplets!

Make the right choice! Just think which one you’ll need the most!

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