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Children and Writing Skills

Now that your child is at school learning to write letters, words, then sentences, you might face with him some common problems like bad handwriting and the lack of patience and interest. In fact, do you really think that writing is that simple?

Well, writing is a really complicated thing; it is not like sneezing or breathing which your body does without you even thinking about it! While your child writes, his body and mind do many different things all together; his shoulder needs to stay steady while his wrist and elbow move, his eyes should follow what his hand is writing and his brain has to make decisions about what he’s writing. Now you understand why it is not that simple for your child to write and have a good handwriting. You just have to be patient to help your child develop his handwriting skills and overcome this problem.

Here are five steps to improve your child’s handwriting:

  1. Teach your child to grasp his pencil the right way. Let him rest his pen or pencil next to the base of his thumb, holding it in place with his thumb, index and middle finger.

  2. Let your child use lined paper, for lines will guide him to create letters that are in the right size and proportion and will help him write straight instead of uphill or downhill.

  3. Teach your child to slow down, because when he rushes, it’s hard to control where to stop and start his letters, and he’ll end up making more mistakes.

  4. Don’t let your child press down hard on their paper when they write or grab their pencil very tightly, this will let them get tired.

  5. Knowing that practice is very important to improve handwriting you should let your child complete one handwriting sheet per day. But we also know that these sheets are far from being fun, this is why you should sometimes go beyond this boring exercise by encouraging your child to practice in some other fun ways. Let him make his own diary for example, where he’ll write short sentences about his day. You can also encourage him to write letters to your relatives who live far away, or let him make your grocery list. The possibilities are endless!

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