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Build the Best Sand Castle

To keep the little ones occupied on the beach and let them have a lot of fun, most the parents choose to build with their kids a sandcastle. Kids just love this activity!

Doing a nice sandcastle will require some exercise, and here are some important tips and tricks for a perfect castle:

  • First of all, you have to consider where to build your castle; and for your castle not to be destroyed before you finish it, build it on an area where waves can’t reach it.

  • Water is the secret to building a great castle. Some professionals say that to build a sandcastle you should add sand to water not water to sand! So, to make sure that the sand you’re working with is good, squeeze a ball of it in your hand for a few seconds; if it stays together when you roll it around in your palm, the sand is perfect for building. Building your castle with the right sand will let it last longer and makes you be able to crave things on your castle without collapsing it.

  • Once your wet pile is ready for sculpting, it is crucial to start craving windows, stairs and anything you want, from the top of the castle to its bottom. In fact, if you do it from bottom to top, the excess of sand will fall on the areas that you have already worked on and will ruin all your work.

  • Use a straw to blow away the excess of sand from your finished areas so that your sandcastle looks clean.

  • Use a spray bottle to wet down the sand if your castle begins to dry and crumble during construction, this will give it a solid structure.

  • Use items that you can easily find at the beach to decorate your sandcastles, like pretty coloured rocks, bird feathers, pretty seashells, seaweed, sticks, and driftwood.

Follow these tips and tricks and build with your kids the most beautiful sandcastles. And if you are planning a day at the beach with a lot of family and friends, you can organize a contest that is about building the best sandcastle. It is going to be so much fun! Don’t forget to take plenty of photos!

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