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Barbie Birthday Party

Barbie character that most of the girls adore can be a very nice theme for your birthday girl’s party!

Prepare some Barbie Picture invitations to send for your child’s guests; find online some Barbie pictures, print them out, cut them, and glue them onto pink invitation cards where you’ll write all the party information. Don’t forget to mention that it’s a chance for all the girls to dress up like Barbie; and add a note telling them to bring their favourite Barbie to the party for some games!

On the big day, your little princess should, of course, be dressed as Barbie with for example a pink tulle skirt, pink tights, a tiara, and a wand. As for the decorations, let pink lavender and silver colours be everywhere! Use a lot of balloons to decorate the house and add some Barbie dolls, furniture, houses, and other Barbie accessories everywhere! Make from one chair a Barbie throne where the birthday girl will sit; cover the chair with a white sheet and pink tulle and put a pink ribbon around it. Let your table cloth be also pink, and use Barbie plates and cups.

And to add more fun to the party, some games would be perfect! Here are some games you can organize:

Barbie Play Time: it will be fun letting the girls play around with their Barbie, dressing their favourite dolls, fixing their hair, etc.

Pin the Crown: have a Barbie picture on a poster board and prepare small crowns out of yellow paper. Close the girls’ eyes with a band and let each one pin a crown on the board. The girl who pins her crown closest to the Barbie’s head wins.

Pass the Barbie’s Purse: let the girls sit in a circle; one girl should close her eyes and sit in the middle. The girls start passing a Barbie purse from one player to another. When the girl with closed eyes screams “hot purse”, the players stop passing the purse and the girl who was holding it at the moment loses. The two last players are the winners; they divide the goodies previously put in the purse.

Barbie Puzzle: this game is fun for young girls! Divide the girls into two teams and give each team a Barbie puzzle. The team who finishes the puzzle first wins!

After these fun games, have some finger food prepared for the girls; you can make mini-sandwiches, mini-croissants, pink ice cream, pink cookies, pink cupcakes, lemonade, etc. The more pink colour you add, the more it looks like Barbie!

This birthday party will be a success and your little Barbie will be definitely happy!

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