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Back to School after Holidays

After weeks of holidays spent at home with family members, shopping, getting late to bed and having fun, school has started again. Waking up on time, getting ready in a timely manner and dragging their feet in the morning, your kids will feel stressed out and will start their school day with less enthusiasm and energy. Here are some tips to boost their day and ease their back to school:

  • Try to wake them up early at their normal school time several days before they go back to school.

  • Talk about school during the holidays and specify some time for studying and reading to keep their brain active.

  • Make a list of snacks they prefer for the first week when they go back.

  • Talk about friends and how much fun will be to share stories about their holidays.

  • Prepare their favorite lunch.

  • Buy a new shirt or school accessories which your kids will be eager to wear or show to their friends and teachers.

Don’t worry; your kids will get back to their routine much faster than after the summer break. Enjoy school time!

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