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Baby Shower… The Shower of Love & Gifts

Do you know what Baby Shower is? It is a very old tradition that has been stated by many sources to be originated in the late eighteen hundreds and it’s basically about “showering” the mommy-to-be with love and gifts!

It started as a tea party organized by the female family members of the mommy-to-be; they used to spend the day together giving the mommy-to-be gifts for her and for her baby, that was very practical and often handmade.

Nowadays, the concept of the Baby Shower hasn’t really changed, however, it has become a kind of more modernized, with a wider range of party ideas.

To host a successful and unforgettable Baby Shower, it should be well planned and organized! Usually, the person throwing the Baby Shower and taking care of its organization is a family member (cousin, aunt, etc.) or a close family friend. The first step of the planning procedure is choosing a theme that can be as simple as blue or pink if you know the sex of the baby. Afterwards, choose the date and the location. The most convenient time to host a Baby Shower is between four to eight weeks before the baby’s planned due date, and it can take place whether at a home or in a restaurant or a café. And now, what remains is deciding the menu, inviting all female family members and friends of the mummy-to-be, and preparing the gifts!

In the company of her family and friends, the mommy-to-be will have the time of her life during the Baby Shower Party!

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