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Baby Milestones: Sitting Development

It is just a matter of time until your baby starts sitting independently. This phase happens when your baby’s head and neck’s muscles are developed and become strong enough to keep your baby in a sitting position. Most babies start to sit between the age of 4 months and 7 months. Once your baby figures out how to sit, he will lose interest rapidly and start moving, crawling, and then walking.

At the beginning, your baby sits supported by cushions and mini blankets to prevent falling aside. Then he will start sitting using his hands to support him by pressing them towards the floor. Once he masters his sitting skill he will try to lean forward and reach objects around him and then realizes that he can be mobile and starts discovering his surroundings.

In order to initiate sitting position, you can help your baby by using different methods and exercises as:

  • Exercise with your baby. Lie down on the floor and bend your knees towards your chest. Place your baby on your knees, holding him on his waist. Turn left and your baby will try to push on the opposite side. This exercise will help him to strengthen his body muscles.

  • Play with your baby on the floor. Put him on his tummy and place a bright toy in front him. He will try to lift his head to see the toy. This exercise will help him strengthen his neck muscles.

  • Put your child in an infant seat supported by a cushion and read him a book.

  • Avoid using baby chairs for long time. Put your child on the floor to play as much as you can. It will help him develop and strengthen his muscles.

Usually babies start to sits independently at the age of 7 to 8 months. If your baby is still unable to sit properly, and to hold his head upright, try to encourage him by using above techniques and exercises to help him strengthen his muscles. You can discuss this issue with the pediatrician. Don’t forget that babies develop differently especially if you had a premature baby but sitting is the key to crawling, standing and walking.

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