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As the School Is Coming to its End

Do you remember this little notebook that we used to take to school in the last week of our school year and let all our friends and teachers write to us on it some “Happy Holidays” wishes? We used to call it “Cahier de Souvenirs”: the souvenirs notebook.

If you still have these souvenirs notebooks, it is really amazing to read the wishes again, remember your school friends and teachers, and share with your children your school stories. Moreover, knowing that your children’s school year is coming to its end, make them have their own souvenirs notebook ready! You can buy a little notebook with the design your child will choose, or buy a white notebook and let your child decorate it with some stickers, glitter and colours.

Make your children keep all their school years notebooks, since there is no feeling like reading again, many years later, all the wishes that are written on it!

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