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Alternative to No

As parents we use more and more the word “No” in our vocabulary and most of the times our kids ignore it or retort with a “why not” answer. The expression “No” is a very easy, quick to say word often used to stop kids demands and to discipline them. We are sometimes afraid of being assertive causing sadness to our kids or making them cry. We do prefer say “Yes” instead. Whether you are trying to keep your child out of danger or teach him wrong from right, there are several ways to use the word “No” in an effective way.

  1. Always explain why “No”. Instead of just saying “No! Don’t throw the ball”, try “Please play with the ball outside”.

  2. Offer options. Instead of just denying the possibility of eating candy give your toddler the choice of eating candy after eating a fruit or her lunch.

  3. Ignore small discipline issues. If your child wants to wear his snow shoes on a sunny day, let him. What’s the harm?

  4. Use more vocabulary words to send the same message as hot, danger or stop.

  5. Use or master body language. Your child should know from your look that you disapprove the behavior but not him. Make sure you always follow the look with a hug and explanation.

  6. Say “Yes” more and try to have a happy day with your child.

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