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A Stylish Bracelet Made at Home

Let your stylish girl choose her favourite colours and help her to make this stylish bracelet at home.

You will need:

  • Polymer clay in two colours (you can find it at most craft shops)

  • A knife

  • A toothpick

  • A wooden skewer

  • A small ovenproof dish

  • A cord

Make a thin sausage shape of each of the two colours of the clays and twist them together. Press the twisted clay so that the colours swirl. Cut off a piece of the swirled clay and roll it into a ball or tube shape to make the bead. Carve out a hole in the bead with the toothpick then set it across the top of the dish on the skewer. Bake it according to the package instructions. When the bead is cooled, thread it onto the cord and tie a knot on either side of the bead. Tie the ends and your bracelet is ready!

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