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A Special Gift to My Baby Brother or Sister

You will soon give birth to a brother or a sister for your child? The best way to celebrate the arrival of this special bundle of joy is to make with your child a personalized candle that will be a great gift for his newborn brother or sister!

You need:

  • A coloured candle,

  • Some stickers that can have the shape of letters,

  • Glitter,

  • Ribbons,

  • Glue.

If you have already decided the name of your baby, let your child write it on the candle with the sticker letters, or let him simply write “to my baby sister” or “to my baby brother”. Then, let him use the glitter and the ribbons to decorate his special gift.

Don’t forget the most important thing: light the candle when the baby is born, because this little angel is bringing light and happiness to your lives! But since we’re talking about fire and flames which are dangerous for kids, make sure you help your child lighting the candle and put it in the living room on a high surface so your child won’t drop it!

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