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A Special First Birthday Party

Your baby is a birthday boy or birthday girl for the first time? His first birthday party should definitely be very special!

Most parents hesitate about what to do for their little angel on his first birthday to make it a really memorable day. We will give you some tips for a very special first birthday party.

First of all, you should keep in mind that the first birthday party is mostly for adults since your child is still very young to enjoy his party like older children do. You should invite a manageable number of guests and a maximum of five little ones, since hosting too many babies will probably end up in tears. Another important thing is to keep the party short. In fact, it is difficult for a one-year-old baby to handle a party longer than for an hour without getting overwhelmed by all the attention. Tears and tantrums are unfortunately inevitable and you have to be patient with them. Put some toys in a basket for kids to choose from; this will keep them occupied. Serve some easy-to-grab food and keep the cake to the end so that your baby won’t become a mess while opening the presents.

A very special idea to do for the first birthday party of your baby is to let every guest write for the birthday boy or girl a special note or wish. Prepare small papers before the party starts and write on them sentences such as:

  • I love you because…

  • I wish you…

  • My most beautiful memory with you is…

  • You are special because…

Let each guest pick a paper and continue the sentence. At the end of the party, gather all the papers and keep them in a special box until your angel grows up enough to be able to read them!

Don’t forget to take pictures with all the guests!

Happy First Birthday!

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