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A Pottery Birthday Party

Your child is fed up of clowns and magicians who used to come to his birthday party? He’s not excited about going to see a movie nether to play bowling? If you want to amuse your child and his friends on his birthday, a pottery birthday party is what you need. You have certainly heard of those popular pottery shops where you go with your kids and paint some nice pottery. The problem of those shops is that they aren’t always affordable for everyone! In fact, throwing a pottery party at home isn’t hard at all!

To organize a pottery birthday party for your child at home you will need:

  • Ready pottery shapes (choose white ones which makes them easier to paint)

  • Paint (watercolour, tempura, or acrylic)

  • Newspaper

  • Paintbrushes from various sizes

  • Sponges

  • Aprons to protect children’s clothes

Let each child choose the pottery piece he wants to paint and let him decorate it using paints, brushes and sponges to create a unique masterpiece he can keep for himself as a souvenir after the birthday!

You should know that this kind of birthday parties is for kids of 6 years and more.

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