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A Personalized Wallboard

Wallboard is a very important item of your child’s study area; it is a decoration and a useful thing in the same time, for your child will hang on it his paintings, his school schedule, his exams on which he got the best grades, and much more other things. You can purchase for your kid ready wallboard, or you can make with your kid a personalized one!

To make wallboard you will need:

  • A rectangular piece of cork panel

  • Coloured cardboard

  • Double-sided carpet tape

  • Craft knife

  • Letter-shaped craft foam

  • Pins

Using the double-sided carpet tape stick the coloured cardboard on the rectangular piece of cork panel; it won’t fit exactly, so trim the excess with a craft knife. Make sure you do that for your kid. With the letter-shaped craft foam, form the name of your child and stick it on the centre of the top of the board. Your child’s personalized wallboard is ready! Just put the pins on it so that your child can use them to hang whatever he wants on his wallboard!

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