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Is it Too Early to Put Make-up to My Little Toddler?


Mommy! I want to put lipstick! Mommy, can I put those colorful colors on my eyes? When do you think is the appropriate time to let your girl wear makeup? When too young is no more too young to our little toddler?

Makeup fascinates little girls, it makes them feel prettier. It is just a way to look like mommy, to compare themselves to us. We do not teach them how to wear makeup, it is just by observing our daily actions that they start to imitate us. Most moms would take this beautifying occasion as an instance to bond with their little princess. In fact, playing princess is not harmful yet there are some rules to be discussed and acknowledge by our little girls:

-          Makeup is to be worn on special occasions only and should not be a daily act. Make it as a treat and reserve it for playing dress up.

-          Not all kinds of makeups are child safe. Some of them are allergenic and may affect your child’s sensitive skin.

-          Use alternative methods. If your little girl insists on wearing lipstick, use some shiny lip balm. It might be enough to calm her enthusiasm.

-          Teach her that makeup is only for adults and kids do not need it.

Wearing makeup is a personal decision that each mother should take towards her child’s demand. Kids are born beautiful and they do not need to hide anything on their face. There are lots of things we can use to make our princesses feel prettier. I think we should keep makeup away from our kids as much as we can and try to indicate special occasions to wear it. The most important is not to make a big deal out of it and try to create a relaxing environment which can help our little child’s decisions in the future.

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