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vegetable pasta salad

You burn more calories eating celery than it contains. The more you eat the thinner you become!
Click on the picture and get the recipe of a delicious pasta salad with celery!


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Vision Problem at an Early Age


Your child’s teacher may call you to draw your attention on your child’s spelling mistakes. Your child excuse would be that he cannot see the board clearly and had a terrible headache during the day. As a parent, you should doubt if your preschooler has a vision problem.

It is very important to run an eye test for each child at the age of 3. An early eye test is essential to make sure that your child doesn’t show any vision disorder that affects his school performance and his sight on a long term.

An early test may detect problems related to near and distant vision, eye movement skills, focusing and eye coordination. Tests are performed in an ophthalmologist clinic. There are different tests performed according to the age:

-    For infants: The doctor may check his eyes reflexes when they are exposed to light and can also check if your baby’s eyes can fixate an object and follow it.
-    For preschooler: The ophthalmologist may use symbols instead of letters as house, apple, car, etc. He might perform a retinoscopy which involves shining a light into the eye to check reflection.

The eye test done, the ophthalmologist will compare your child’s eyes to each other. Always mention to the doctor any family history case, previous eye treatment, surgeries or use of glasses.  Some vision problems are well treated if detected and corrected in an early stage.

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