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delicious drink

Almonds are members of the peach family!
Click on the picture and prepare a delicious papaya and almond drink for snack!


Featured Rhyme


Baa baa black sheep,
have you any wool?Yes sir, yes sir, ...!


Piñata Game

A game kids adore to play on parties! Organize a Valentine’s Day party for your kids and let them enjoy playing the piñata game.

Hang the piñata up from the ceiling. Each child will get a turn to try to break the piñata. Blindfold the child, give him a stick and turn him around in a circle 2 or 3 times. Point him to the direction of the piñata and ask the other kids to stand back. Each child hits the piñata 2 or 3 times then another child gets his turn. Once someone breaks the piñata, all the children gather the goodies that were inside.

Kids can play this game also at any birthday party!

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