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vegetable pasta salad

You burn more calories eating celery than it contains. The more you eat the thinner you become!
Click on the picture and get the recipe of a delicious pasta salad with celery!


Featured Rhyme

I Love Mommy, I Love Mommy,
Yes, I do, yes, I do.


A Bright Pencil Holder

Instead of buying a pencil holder or using a cup, your child can easily make a special holder by himself, using candy wrappers.

You will need:

-          Candy wrappers

-          Glue

-          Empty juice carton

-          A piece of felt

-          Scissors

Clean the juice carton, dry it and cut the top of it. Glue the candy wrappers onto the carton, overlapping the edges so that the whole carton is covered. Let it dry completely. Trace around the bottom of the carton onto the piece of felt then glue it on the bottom of the carton from the inside. For a brighter pencil holder, use lots of different candy wrappers.

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