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vegetable pasta salad

You burn more calories eating celery than it contains. The more you eat the thinner you become!
Click on the picture and get the recipe of a delicious pasta salad with celery!


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Swimming Pool Safety and Hygiene for Kids

Summer season is here and recreational water clubs are open to welcome people during all weekdays to enjoy swimming, having fun and practicing water games with the kids. But how to choose the right place and how to make sure that swimming pools are safe and hygienic to welcome the kids. It is very well known that poor sanitation can create illnesses and transmission of infectious diseases.

The World Health Organization and Centers of Disease Control (CDC) have created a list of tips to consider before going to a swimming pool:

-          Do not take your child to swim if he has diarrhea or any other sickness. He can spread the germs into the water.

-          Teach your child to never drink pool water.

-          Practice good hygiene. Shower your kids before getting into the pool and after getting out.

-          Always check your child’s diapers and take your kids for bathroom breaks.

-          Babies who are not potty trained should wear special swimming diapers.

-          Wash your child with soap after changing a diaper.

-          You can use ear plugs in case your child suffers from ear infection.

Other safety tips are also important to consider due to accidents that happen every year to kids:

-          Kids under the age of 10 should be always supervised by an adult when they are near a swimming pool.

-          Kids under 3 years old should swim in the kids’ swimming pool.

-          Avoid crowded swimming pools. Your child can drown.

-          Teach your child how to swim. Swimming is a life necessity.

-          Remove all toys from the swimming pool edge when you are away.

-          Put special plastic shoes for your child to avoid sliding.

-          Make your child wear hand floaters or a life jacket if he does not swim well.

Contamination can be reduced by proper hygiene measures. Whether you have your own swimming pool or you visit water recreational clubs, always make sure to follow the safety and hygiene tips. Swimming pools can be a portal for infection diseases. Prevention is the best measure to avoid all health problems. Practice those tips and enjoy summer with your kids.

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