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Pregnancy Stages: Week 04

Your baby:

This week marks the start of the embryonic period. The blastocyst that travelled through the fallopian tube to the uterus will implant into the uterus lining and starts the division process. Part of it will form the embryo and the implanted part will start forming the placenta that would be responsible of providing nutrients and oxygen to your baby. There is also the amniotic sac that will contain your baby and protect him during your pregnancy. The first trimester is the most critical one for your baby’s development. The ultrasound can show a gestational sac called yolk sac that helps feed the embryo until the placenta is ready to take over.

Your body:

Your Pregnancy test is positive. You should contact your doctor to schedule your first appointment. If you are taking any medicine, consult your doctor immediately. Be sure to avoid any excessive exercise or dangerous activities. Your body will start feeling the early pregnancy symptoms and you will probably feel tired.

It is the best time to think about a plan to inform the new Dad to be!

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