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Pregnancy Stages: Week 07

Your Baby:

During this week, hands and feet are emerging from arms and legs. Your baby is still considered as embryo. He has doubled the size now reaching 11 to 13mm. He’s the size of a blueberry. You could also see the tip of his nose and the veins beneath his skin. His brain is developing and divided into 2 parts where 100 of cells are generated each minute. His intestine and stomach start to form. At this phase you cannot still distinguish the gender of your baby.

Your body:

Your uterus has doubled the size and morning sickness is at its top levels. Anything can trigger the morning sickness even if you brush your teeth. Contact your doctor if you have excess vomiting. You will visit the bathroom more often since your uterus is pushing on the bladder. Your breasts are tender and have doubled the size too. You feel you cannot touch them and definitely you will change your bra. Your midwife or doctor will start your weight chart. You should fill your nutritional needs without getting too much weight. Stay away from sweets and carbohydrates. Try fruits and vegetables more often. Don't forget your supplements and vitamins.

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