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Pregnancy Stages: Week 13

Your baby:

Your baby is as big as a peach and weights around 200g. Her intestines are moving back through the umbilical cord to the abdomen. Her vocal cords are developed and since your baby can move she might move her thumb towards her mouth and start sucking it! External genital organs are visible now if you get a closer look and her head is still bigger than the body. Her ears are in place and her eyes are getting closer together. The liver starts to secrete the bile as well as the pancreas starts to secrete insulin.

Your body:

Your uterus starts to fill your abdomen. You may start noticing the secretion of a mild thin milky vaginal discharge. It is normal. It helps protect the birth canal from infection. Your breasts will start producing Colostrum and you will start gaining weight since morning sickness has faded now. Many couples discover the increase of libido during this time. It is the best time to sign up for childbirth classes with your partner. It is very important to involve your partner in your pregnancy. It will help him also to prepare for parenthood.

The risk of miscarriage has diminished but be attentive with heavy exercises and keep away from lifting weights. If you are working, you can continue normally your work but be aware of any toxic and dangerous situations. Talk to your boss and try to shift your job during  your pregnancy to protect your baby.

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