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Pregnancy Stages: Week 15

Your baby:

At this gestational age your baby is as big as an apple. He moves, inhale amniotic fluid and can sense light. At this time of your pregnancy calendar  your doctor may tell you what is your baby’s gender!

Your body:

Keep your pregnancy weight gain normal. Keep in mind that pregnant women are allowed to gain 1kg per month. gaining weight quickly will result with the appearance of stretch marks and back pain. Your nose might be stuffed due to the hormonal changes and increase in the blood flow. Your teeth and gum are more susceptible for inflammation and prone to bleeding. Brush your teeth after each meal and take care of your mouth health. You may also experience heartburn and flatulence.

Some myths state that if you experience heartburn it means that your baby will have long hair! You might also become little clumsy, dropping things, tripping, forgetting … All these pregnancy symptoms can be related to the fact that you are getting bigger and your gravity center is shaky.

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