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Pregnancy Stages: Week 32

week 32

Your baby:

Your baby has reached now 1.7kg and measures 42cm. He is growing faster and the space around him is getting tighter. Fats are accumulating more and more under your baby’s skin. His lungs are mature and there is chance of 90% to survive outside your womb. His toe nails, fingernails and hair are fully developed. All babies have blue eyes at this stage. He is now sensitive on heat and cold. You are more likely to get a kick if you apply an ice pack or a hot towel on your tummy!

Your body:

Around this week, your healthcare would ask you to visit him every 2 weeks. Your uterus is stretching up causing heartburn and shortage of breath. You will have to make a million visits to the bathroom during the day. Try to stand up slowly and nicely. Your blood volume has increased 40 to 50 % since the start of your pregnancy. Back pain is aggravating and mainly due to muscles stretching. Your slow metabolism may cause bloating and constipation. Hemorrhoids are common during this stage. Apply cold compresses and your doctor might prescribe some ointments to relief pain and discomfort. Continue your healthy diet, drink lots of water and exercise. Your breasts get bigger during the last trimester. A leakage of colostrums, yellow substance which constitutes the first milk for your baby may start. Use pads to protect your bras.

It is the best time to decide about your labor technique, the painkiller methods and who should be with you in the delivery room. Start planning with your partner about his contribution during the delivery. He might discuss with your doctor the possibility of getting involved in the process as cutting the umbilical cord. Encourage him to follow prenatal classes and learn more about labor process. It is very important for your partner to bond with you and the baby during the delivery process. It will make him feel proud for his contribution and connects him more and quicker to the baby.

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