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Pregnancy Stages: Week 35

Week 35

Your baby:

You are carrying now a fully developed baby. His weight is around 2.4kg and measures 46cm. The space around him is becoming tighter and his kicks are less strong than they used to be. He is still active and his movements did not change. The lanugo that covered his body has disappeared. His kidneys are fully developed and his liver can process waste. During these last weeks, your baby will be mainly putting on weight at an average of 200g per week. His internal organs are ready and setting on the final touch before birth.

Your body:

Two more weeks and you will reach your ninth month. Your uterus is enlarged to hold the baby, the amniotic fluid and the placenta. It is pushing on your internal organs causing heartburn, frequent urination and short breath. Do not decrease your fluid intake. You may also suffer from hemorrhoids and other gastrointestinal problems. The best thing, during this phase, is to practice Kegel exercises which help strengthen your pelvic muscles. Your gum may still bleed and your itchy tummy becomes uncomfortable. Use cream to ease the itchy sensation. Braxton Hicks contractions continue, preparing your uterus for labor. They do not affect the cervix opening and they disappear when you change position.

Your doctor will test you against Group B streptococcus bacteria. He will do a vaginal and rectal test. It is a harmless test. The doctor inserts a cotton swab into the vagina and another one into the rectum. The Group B Streptococcus bacteria is harmless for you but causes serious infections as pneumonia, meningitis or blood infection if the baby gets contaminated during birth. In case you hold this bacterium, an IV antibiotic will be given to you during labor.

It is the best time to plan your delivery, prepare all necessary paperwork at hospital, insurance and government. Make a tour at the hospital and get to know the nursing staff and the procedures taken once you are admitted. Prepare yourself for breastfeeding. Your doctor will examine your breasts to make sure that you do not have inverted nipples or any other problems. By guidance and help you can eliminate all these issues. Get your partner to be involved in all this process.

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