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Elephants' ears are used to regulate their body temperature!
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Menstrual Cycle Facts

Facts avout menstrual cycle

There are several facts you should know about the menstrual cycle:

-    An egg lives only 24 hours.
-    Women are born with millions of eggs that are waiting to get mature.
-    The fertile period starts with the first period called menarche and ends with menopause.

-    Normally one egg is released by cycle.
-    Ovulation can be affected by stress, illness, travel, weight loss or gain and exercise.
-    Pre-ovulation signs vary from increase of cervical fluid to spotting and pain next to the ovaries called “mittleschmerz”.
-    Implantation of fertilized egg happens between 6 to 8 days after insemination.
-    Sperms live in a woman body up to 72 hours.
-    If the egg is not fertilized, it will collapse and gets absorbed by the uterine lining.

When is the most fertile period?

The cycle is divided into 2 phases. Every woman should start counting from the first day she gets her period. Ovulation happens between the 12th and 16th day after menstruation. This would be the most fertile period. The cervix fluid changes and becomes more thick and slippery. A temperature chart would help to track the body’s temperature which rises during ovulation. Your next step is to wait for pregnancy symptoms.

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