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Did you know that the month of August is the Children's Eye Health and Safety Month?

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I Love Mommy, I Love Mommy,
Yes, I do, yes, I do.


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Coloring Crafts
Delicious Desserts
Outdoor Games

Have Fun with Bubbles

All the kids of the world adore buying these bottles of soap bubbles...

Make a Personalized Beach Towel

A beach towel is one of the main staples of a day at the beach ; make with your children personalized funky towels...

Ice Cream: The Summertime Delight

Summertime is the perfect time for ice cream: the favorite delight of kids and adults...

Icy Colored Cubes

A delicious refreshing colored ice cubes to offer to your kids in a hot summer day...

Beach Game: Hit the Rock

This is an easy and fun game kids can play on the beach sand...

Top Swimming Pool Games

When your child becomes a good swimmer, water games will add a lot of fun to his day at the pool! So gather all your child’s friends and organize for them some fun pool games ...


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This is an educational math game for your kids. After playing this game, your kids definitely will calculate faster! Check google play to download the app.

" Rio 2" is an animated colorful movie full of songs and gags and  blended with a good jungle adventure. Enjoy this movie with your kids!

"The Travel Game" book teaches the kids on how to use their imagination to create an adventure that takes them away from their home around the world! For more information visit amazon website.

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